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1451 North 51st




Objective: To work.



2005-2006-Certificate in traditional 2D Animation.

*Wrote, directed, and animated a traditional 2d film titled “To The Door” and a Flash film titled “A Very Long Fall”

Studies included life drawing, scriptwriting, storyboard, rough animation, layout, clean-up, acting for animators, composition, character design, editing, color theory, film criticism, history of animation, and doping and slugging.


BA in English with emphasis in Creative Writing.

In addition to English, also studied film Production, film theory, photography, sculpture, scriptwriting, drawing, improvisation, and acting.

Professional Experience:

Right now I'm doing freelance animation/illustration and teaching animation classes at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and MATC. I have also taught classes at MIAD, Alverno, Artists Working in Education, True Skool, and various Recreation Departments.

Freelance Animator, BigFott Studios, Tennessee, 2010

*Hand-drawn effects and Character Animation

Coordinator/Storyboards, Superfantastic Productions, Milwaukee, 2010

*For the Wisconsin State Lottery Commercial "Trade These Seats."

Concept, Storyboard, Animation, Finn Digital Website, Milwaukee WI, 2009

*Animating main page of website using Flash CS2.

*Future pages to be determined based on need.

Prop Design, "Being Ian" Studio B Productions, Vancouver, 2008.

*Working on a Cintiq, designing props as needed in Flash 8

Animation, Design, Compositing, "RockeyShores Animated Logo" RockeyShores Productions, Vancouver, BC 2008

*Completed hand-drawn water effects title sequence for a film production company in Vancouver.

*Composited in Photoshop, Quicktime, and Final Cut.

*Consulted client on the look and feel of the spot.

Animation, Colorist, "I'm Dirty" Bigfott Studios, Tennessee, 2007

*Completed 36 seconds of hand-drawn water effects and character animation for a short adapted from a children's book.

*Colored frames in Photoshop

*Short is produced by Scholastic/Weston Woods.

Layout, “Being Ian” Studio B Productions, Vancouver B.C. 2007

*Working from storyboard panels I determine camera angles, perspective, layering, and keep it all on model.

*Roughing in pencil, clean-up with a Pilot pen.

*Digital fixes and re-use in Flash 8

Concept, Storyboard, Animation,

College Educacentre, financed by Health Canada, 2007

*Wrote, concepted, pitched, and animated two 30 second Flash anti-smoking shorts to be aired in rotation on the French CBC.

Animator, Layout, “Clancy and the Puck”, Studio B Productions, Vancouver, 2007

*Animated 7 scenes (30 seconds) in Flash for a DVD to be included in a book to be published this fall.


Digital Clean-Up Artist, “Ricky Sprocket” Studio B Productions, Vancouver B.C., 2006 to 2007

*Working with a team of artists cleaning up backgrounds in Flash 8 for a show titled “Ricky Sprocket”

Stores Supervisor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2003 to 2005

*Interviewing and hiring, firing, training and orientation; regular performance evaluations; scheduling and discipline; maintaining sanitation standards.

Deli Coordinator, Outpost Natural Foods, Milwaukee, WI 2002 to 2003

*Interviewing and hiring, firing, training and orientation; recruitment and retention; resolving union/non-union grievances; ordering, receiving and inventory.

District Sales Manager, The Pantagraph Newspaper, Bloomington, IL, 2000-2001

*Responsible for hiring, training and maintaining a staff of over sixty carriers responsible for daily morning newspaper deliveries.

Editor, Writer, Photographer, Nebraska Life Magazine,Hartington,NE,1998-1999

*Edited freelance and open submissions for size and quality.

*Researched and authored hard news and human-interest articles.

*Published one cover story and two features.

*Managed sales with groups and individuals.

*Photographer for numerous pieces.

*Designed and created layout.

English Teacher, Jelenia Gora, Poland, 1997 to 1998

*Taught high school students and adults from beginner to advanced in a classroom setting as well as individually designed lessons.

*Led playwriting and theatre production seminars for ESL students.

Scholastic/Creative Achievements

*Elected class representative for the duration of the VFS program.

*Performed as voice talent in two VFS films.

*Wrote the original screenplay and acted in an independently produced film: “When Boys Become Monsters.” Production was wrapped in 2005 and the picture is currently being submitted to festivals.

*Wrote two other screenplays that are languishing on my hard drive.

*Played Jurist #10 in a Community Theatre production of 12 Angry Jurors, Yankton, SD, 1999

*Survived a harrowing ride on the back of a dumptruck at the Czech/Poland border in 1997

*Received a letter of excellence from Jane Nardin, Head of the English Department, for outstanding accomplishments in playwriting, University of Wis.-Milwaukee, 1995

*Wrote, directed, acted, and edited a 16mm film titled “Pushpin”, 1994

*Outstanding Artist, River Valley High School, 1987

Volunteer Experience

*English as a Second Language instructor for The Milwaukee Achiever Program, Milwaukee, WI, 2001 to 2004


*"To The Door", my student film, was a finalist in the Student Filmmakers Magazine/ Summer Shorts Contest, 2007

*"To The Door" was also a finalist in the Crackle Wet Paint Animation Contest (Sony Pictures), 2007

Other Interests/Skills

*Traveled extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, the Baltics, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Mexico, and the U.S.


*I can juggle…poorly